About Us

Who We Are

SONET designs and delivers class leading intelligent network solutions which provide fast, reliable connectivity and collaboration across customers' organisations and which are able to scale easily to support the growth and expansion of their businesses.

SONET Communications was formed in May 2002. The founders, Darren Gibson, Gerry Lawrenson and Darren McCartney, have built SONET based on their considerable experience and skills in communications in both Public and Private sectors.

The company has a record of continuous successful growth the last 10 years and has expanded both team and services geographically to cover the UK Mainland, Scotland, Ireland, and France. SONET has also delivered projects in countries around the globe.

Solving Problems for Customers

We see our role at SONET as helping customers to solve their problems. The solutions we provide contribute to customers businesses in a number of important ways including:

  • Speeding up their systems
  • Improving system reliability
  • Increasing connectivity - making their organization more "joined up" and efficient
  • Removing concerns worries about system operation
  • Enabling systems to grow with the business

A distinctive approach to working with customers

Our approach to serving our customers is based on:

  • Specialist expertise to provide the right solution
  • Reliability - both in carrying out the work and the outcome
  • Cost efficient solutions
  • Avoiding disruption to your business during installation


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