Data Disposal, Wiping and Destruction

Reduce the RISK of Data leaving your premises by bringing data destruction technology to you Sonet Communications can deliver comprehensive onsite secure media destruction at your office location if this is a necessity otherwise the items can be removed and destroyed at our secure premises. Our service follows rigorous data privacy and secure work flow procedure to ensure your computer hard drives, backup tapes and other electronic waste are completely destroyed you can also request bulk data-erasure services which we are only too happy to assist with.

Protect your electronic storage media by selecting Sonet Communications to;

  • Destroy hard drives and other electronic storage media
  • On or Off site
  • Optional Video file of media destruction
  • Document the security of each data item for destruction and provide certificate of destruction

What You Gain

Peace of mind that your electronic media is destroyed and non- recoverable while remaining compliant with audit-ready documentation.

Reduced risk of inadvertent disclosure through innovative patented safeguards across destruction process, whether its conducted offsite or onsite at your office location.

Improved efficiency by outsourcing the entire process.
Via Sonet communications.