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Sonet provides secure, tracked and compliant onsite destruction solutions for all types of removable media storage devices. We meet all the necessary security clearances and adhere to both NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) & CPNI (Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure) compliance standards.

We provide certificates with inventory of all devices processed, we have established and methodical practices which ensure complete destruction. We offer a selection of destruction methods depending on the clients needs and security level.

All aspects of our service are carried out by trained and security cleared data destruction operatives. Our team have a comprehensive knowledge of end of use asset and data management.

Sonet Data Destruction

Data is arguably the most valuable commodity to a company or organisation. Improperly decommissioned end of use removable media and storage devices can pose huge security risks, especially where the devices original use may have included processing or inputting confidential information belonging to your firm, customers or staff. The cost can be loss of business, loss of reputation and/or fines. Two of the GDPR principles include:

  • Data should not be kept for longer than necessary
  • Data should be kept secure

All companies and organisations should have a policy in place to deal with such equipment and a compliant data destruction partner. Most DIY destruction techniques fall short of rendering the data irretrievable. Don’t leave it to chance.


Our Data Destruction and WEEE recycling services could save or in some cases make you money. Provided there is value in the equipment collected from your site there could be zero charge or a rebate given.  Holding on to end of use IT products for longer than necessary could be loosing your company money while depreciating in storage not to mention the valuable space it takes up.  Clear space and save!

The Process

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We can help you compile an inventory, list of works and assets or you can provide us with a list of equipment ready for data destruction and asset assessment. A date of your choosing can then be arranged for on or off-site data destruction.


Our clients insist on discretion. Is your data of such a sensitive nature that it is important the public and or staff shouldn’t know when its being dealt with? Our staff will arrive at your premises with this in mind, we will only discuss our visit with your named representative. All measures will be taken to keep our data management services private. Unmarked vehicles can be booked for your job where data destruction is taking place off-site.

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Upon arrival in your premises our security cleared team will under supervision remove the data storage devices from your equipment scan and lock in security tagged containers. Witnessed the security seals are broken at our mobile shredder unit and the devices one by one scanned and fed into the shredder. Always within view of onboard CCTV the client can witness remotely or attend onsite.


Our mobile shredders industrial grade knives cut the data storage devices into fragments rendering data irretrievable. We have three shred sizes available 30 mm strip cut or NCSC/CPNI compliant 20 mm / 6 mm cross cut options, our team can recommend cut sizes depending on your data sensitivity and budget. With optional degaussing wiping of magnetic media by powerful electromagnetic field or forensic data wiping software to leave the drives reusable, we’ve got your end of life asset and data management covered.

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With chronological recording and documentation of serial numbers at every point of collection, transfer, storage and disposal within your premises or in our possession, your data devices are tracked through a transparent, verified and trusted process. Upon destruction you will be provided with a data destruction certificate listing all items and serial numbers.


We can also collect and process your redundant IT equipment. Sonet has a waste carrier license, waste exemption for storage and we provide waste consignment notes for any hazardous materials collected. With our documented collections you can be assured that your equipment will be recycled according to WEEE regulations adding to your company’s eco credentials. Even our shredded materials go through processes to retrieve useful raw materials.

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Environmental Protection

The other main purpose of specialist WEEE recycling is to ensure that environmental protection and safety standards are met. While the WEEE Regulations create a number of obligations for businesses, they also offer certain opportunities.

Let’s examine how this works in a little bit more detail.

Corporate Obligations

The first goal of WEEE recycling is to ensure that harmful chemicals which make up modern electronic equipment do not cause environmental damage. In keeping with this, organisations are responsible for ensuring that their equipment is destroyed in a manner which prevents this.

Specifically, harmful materials like lead, mercury and plastics can cause massive damage to local ecosystems when they end up in a landfill. The role of WEEE recycling services is to prevent this from happening.

Electrical and electronic equipment also typically includes materials which are not harmful in and of themselves, but still require a great deal of energy to extract and produce. These include things like gold, silver, and copper.

WEEE recycling helps to prevent unnecessary energy usage by recovering these materials from old devices, so that they can be reused.

Environmental Reputation

Modern consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. This means that WEEE recycling can prevent great opportunities for brands. Essentially, full compliance with WEEE regulations is a great way to show off your green credentials to your customers.

However, the flip side of this is arguably more important. That is, a great deal of reputational damage can also be caused by failure to properly comply with relevant environmental regulations.

In addition to negative PR, the reputational damage can often lead to concrete drops in business’ revenues. The best way to avoid this is to use a specialist WEEE recycling service.

Additional Data Destruction Services

Drop-off Shred

With pre-booking we can offer drop-off and shred “while you witness” services in our Lisburn workshop. This can work out cheaper depending on volume and still allows the client to be present while the data destruction is taking place.

Secure on-site deposit box

We can provide any business or organisation with a subscription-based service. We supply a deposit bin with unique security seal where data bearing devices can be accumulated and then destroyed at agreed intervals.

Your GDPR Compliance

All companies should have an IT asset disposal policy as part of their GDPR provisions, this should include arrangements with a trusted data destruction partner. We can help you build your IT Asset Retirement Policy and assist with implementation of end of use data safeguarding procedures.


Accreditations and Licenses

SONET are certified to many internationally recognised standards including: 

Recycle and save money

Dealing with your end of use IT equipment needn’t be expensive, it might even pay.  Read on or get in touch to find out more.