Introducing UPS

Rack mounted on-line UPS system, UPS

We provide a wide selection of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems ranging from 400VA to 400 KVA. Our portfolio includes UPS Systems from quality manufacturers such as Technoware, APC, GTEC, and Reillo.

UPS Installations include:

  • Voltage Regulators
  • Off-Line UPS Systems for use with Single PC’s
  • On-Line UPS Systems for use with Stand-By Generators
  • Redundant UPS Systems for use with Servers & Ultra-Critical Loads
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Installation & Testing of Station Batteries
  • Design & Installation Packages Including Generator, UPS and Control Gear

UPS Services & Support

We provide a comprehensive range of UPS services and support solutions. Clients are provided with a full readout report of all input/output and load readings.


Visual Inspection – every 3 months include

  • Check for Loose Connections
  • Check for Burned Insulation
  • Check any other signs of wear
  • Check Fans

Clean and Performance – every 6 months include

  • Visual check liquid contamination batteries and capacitors
  • Clean/Vacuum UPS enclosures
  • Check HVAC equipment
  • Check Performance related to temperature/humidity
  • Check Fans

Thermal and operational tests – every 12 months include

  • Thermal scan electrical connections
  • Loose connection re-torque needed
  • Complete operational system test
  • Battery-Rundown test within expected performance
  • Check Fans

Our team offer a 24/7 callout support

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