CCTV Security and Access Control

CCTV and Security

Whether you’re looking for a traditional CCTV system or hoping to benefit from IP technology allowing you to view the security of your premises over the Internet Sonet can provide what you need.

If you have traditional analogue technology but need to install new infrastructure and don’t want to move to IP yet we can install an IP ready cable infrastructure so you can move to IP by just changing out the equipment.

Sonet will design your system for you or work to your own specification taking into consideration not just the technical requirement but also where and how will the system be monitored. Sonet will design your CCTV system to meet your objectives, such as;

  • To provide a deterrent to crime and or vandalism.
  • To provide 24-hour monitoring of all the designated areas.
  • To detect intruders around the perimeter of the main building and alert the security guards.
  • To provide a permanent record of activity from all cameras.
  • To provide identification of vehicles.
  • To identify callers using the intercom at the main entrance.

Sonet will design, install and support the whole system including Cameras, Monitors, Recording Equipment, Cabling, Multiplexers and Console Units.

The combination of skilled CCTV engineers and experienced IP Networking Designers makes Sonet uniquely positioned to help you in your transition from traditional analogue solutions to digital IP solutions.

Alarm Systems

To round off our security services Sonet can also provide an Intruder Alarm design and installation service. Typically systems will incorporate one or all of the following:

  • Detection and Control Equipment
  • Audible Intruder Alarms
  • Monitored Intruder Alarms
  • Wireless
  • Personal Security (Panic Buttons)
  • Security Lighting

We will design and install audible or visual alarm systems, which are effective in disrupting intruders of your premises. In addition Sonet can provide a monitored alarm system using a digital communicator, i.e.; BT Redcare that is connected 24 hours a day to an alarm Receiving Centre manned by professional operators.

We have installed numerous systems for a variety of clients which include Retail Outlets, Business Units, Insurance Brokers, and Nursing Homes.

Access Control

Sonet are specialists in Access Control. This gives the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people and or vehicles that travel in, out and around a client’s building or site. We understand the continuing developments in technology and can therefore install a variety of products for Access Control, which can be adapted to your specific needs.

These systems can function as stand alone or on-line systems connected to an operating station. The typical components of an installation include;

  • Audio Entry Systems – which are a cost effective method of allowing you to identify your caller before you open the door to them.
  • Video Entry Systems – similar to Audio Entry Systems except you can see the identity of your caller before you open the door.
  • Card Entry Systems – an ideal way of controlling access in and around your building. Systems range from standalone to multiple readers controlled by a PC. Cards can be programmed to only allow access into authorised areas.
  • Coded Entry Keypads – a cost effective method of allowing access through a single door. Codes can be periodically changed to enhance your security.
  • DDA Systems – these door entry panels and systems are designed to meet the requirements of the DDA.
  • Touch Recognition – an advanced method of entry. These types of systems are not the cheapest but offer enhanced security.

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