Network Design and Planning

System / Network Design and Planning: As with all Projects Design and Planning play a very important part. Here at Sonet we can advise on the right design to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. A project plan can be drawn up to allow detailed tracking of a project as it progresses to completion. This ensures that our clients are very much “hands on” with the project set up phase and are aware of the project progression.

Site Surveys can be an integral part of any project as they provide an opportunity for us at Sonet to deliver a more accurate quotation for our clients to consider. Our experience at this level allows us to offer advice to the client and to discuss any changes to their original thoughts on the project. In some cases, this has resulted in the original cost projections being reduced for our clients.

Overhead / Underground Cable installations: As sites can vary in size the need to deliver network capabilities to different areas of a site arises. Sonet can offer a wide range of solutions which include underground duct systems with secure access locations to overhead catenary systems that can link buildings over a range of distances.

Network Integration: Sonet Communications can oversee the integration between newly installed networks covering all aspects of the cabling and user requirements. We can provide standalone systems to fully integrated networks and a tailored software solution to facilitate this change.

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