Voice and Telephony

Telecommunication Cabling

‘Traditional’ analogue telephone cabling is still widely used for business networks – and our expert team understands the importance of maintaining and augmenting existing systems alongside any new solutions, whether it’s a comprehensive telephone network installation or adding a single extension.

Digital Telephony

Now affordable for organisations of any size, digital telephony frees you from the constraints of physical phone extensions so that employees can take their phone ‘extension’ with them anywhere in the office – or in the world. The Future Communications (Scotland) Limited team will be happy to talk you through its almost endless possibilities.

Fault Finding & Repairs

We’re keenly aware that every minute your voice system is down damages your customer service and costs you money. When you need it fixed and fast, there’s no one better qualified to get you up and running without delay than the Future Communications (Scotland) Limited team.

  • PBX Telephone Solutions – A wide range of Manufacturers
  • VoIP Systems – Managed and Hosted Solutions
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Maintenance
  • Training

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