Sonet adds to Existing Heritage Works Portfolio in Hillsborough Castle


Hillsborough Castle reopened to the public in April 2019 after £20 million refurbishment of the existing structures, the grounds and the addition of an extensive visitor centre. The centre includes ticketing, restaurant/cafe, shop, reception, exhibitions and outdoor amenities. 

Contracted by Irwin M&E, Sonet upgraded existing telecommunications infrastructure, installed fibre backbones, and Cat 6 to all networked devices. Our team installed end user network connectivity including access points and installed connectivity for networked security devices. The contract included communication infrastructure to renewable energy plants.

Having worked on listed buildings in Paris, Liverpool and Belfast the Sonet team have the experience necessary to work on heritage buildings such as Hillsborough Castle. Considering the significance of this building to the country, to the history of the local area and being the Queen's official Northern Ireland residence meant a great deal of planning for both sustainability and mitigation or risk. 

This heritage project adds to the portfolio of historic and listed buildings in which Sonet is proud to have been involved.