Secure Destruction and Recycling of Confidential Devices

We are excited to introduce our onsite data sanitation and WEEE recycling services to all industries having provided this facility to the public sector since 2016. We found increasingly that Sonet clients have been looking for solutions to the unintentional long term storage of end of use IT equipment, the secure destruction of RMSD (Removable Media and Storage Devices) and responsible recycling of the attached devices.  It has been a natural step to offer this service to all sectors.

Sonet provides secure, tracked and compliant onsite destruction solutions for all types of removable media storage devices.  Sonet WEEE recycling solutions means we can also deal with all your redundant electronic equipment. We meet all the necessary security clearances and adhere to both NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) & CPNI (Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure) compliance standards. We provide certificates with an inventory of all devices processed, we have established and methodical practices which ensure complete destruction. We offer a selection of destruction methods depending on the client’s needs and security level. All aspects of our service are carried out by trained and security cleared data destruction operatives. Our team have a comprehensive knowledge of end of use asset and data management.

We provide services to government facilities, financial institutions, manufacturing, tech and tourism industry companies to name a few sectors. We recognise that our clients have unique companies and organisations with equally unique needs, our services can be flexible enough to meet those needs. What does not change is the security protocols to ensure your data is handled and processed in a traceable, transparent and certified manner.

Data is arguably the most valuable commodity to a company or organisation. Improperly decommissioned end of use removable media and storage devices can pose huge security risks, especially where the devices original use may have included processing or inputting confidential information belonging to your firm, customers or staff. The cost can be loss of business, loss of reputation and/or fines. Two of the GDPR principles include: Data should not be kept for longer than necessary, and Data should be kept secure

With this in mind, all companies and organisations should have a policy in place to deal with such equipment and a compliant data destruction partner. Most DIY destruction techniques fall short of rendering the data irretrievable. Don’t leave it to chance.


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